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Food Storage Variety Packages

Food storage packages can bring peace of mind.

We've done the hard part of planning food for one year by counting the calories, grams of fiber and protein in our 'one year supply' packages to provide a nutritionally balanced diet. For those folks who have been preparing over time, we have fruit, vegetable, baking, dairy, meat and meat substitute packs designed to add variety and to round out the diet. Our 'Basic One Year Supply' package is designed for home storage or as emergency food.  Be prepared for food shortages, power outages, economic crisis, natural disasters or any emergency that may interrupt food distribution. We have competitive prices on one year food packages containing a wide selection of grains, soups, stews, vegetables, fruits, meat or meat substitutes in 6 gallon buckets and #10 cans with a shelf life of 30+ years. Find the right package to meet your family's long term storage needs.

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120 Serving Wise Fruit Buckets
Deluxe Baking Package
Standard Baking Package
120 Serving Wise Vegetable Buckets
Bean Variety Package - 6 #10 Cans
Sprout Seed Variety Pack