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Freeze-Dried Food in #10 Cans

Freeze-dried food will reconstitute with the closest nutrition, flavor and texture of fresh food.

Freeze-drying is a cold-vacuum process where water is removed from the fresh fruit, leaving behind the true composition and structure of the material by drying it without applying the heat necessary for the evaporation process.

Freeze-dried food weighs 75 to 90 percent less than the original food making the food easy to store and transport. For this reason, freeze-dried foods are extremely popular with backpackers who may carry several days of food in a small backpack. At the same time, the reconstitution ratio of these foods is high.

The freeze-drying process allows for quick, easy re-hydration, making freeze-dried foods ideal for your emergency food storage. Reconstitute by adding hot water, waiting about five minutes, and draining the excess water. Refrigerate rehydrated fruit to use in baking, as a topping or eat as is.

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Broccoli, Freeze-Dried - #10 Can
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Chicken, Freeze Dried - #10 Can
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