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Light, Heat and Cooking

Designed for camping and backpacking, these heat sources are portable and convenient for outdoor activities or emergency situations.

Many people take light and heat for granted, but tell that to someone stranded in the middle of the wilderness eating a squirrel raw because they don’t have a fire. Camping stoves can be a source of both heat and light, making them an important part of hiking gear, bug out bags and emergency gear.
If you’re in the wilderness, stranded in your car or home because of some natural or unnatural disaster, then having portable heat and cooking equipment could mean the difference between life and freezing to death.
We have a wide selection of camping stoves and fuel that can fit into your backpack, car or bugout bag in case you ever need it. Don’t leave light and warmth to chance when you can have one of these ready to go. Be sure to have a non-flammable surface and well ventilated area when using stoves with open flame.
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Optimus Vega Stove
Alpaca Kerosene Cook Stove
Wise Fire - 2 Gallon Bucket
Wise Fire - 4 Gallon Bucket
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