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Non-electric Kitchen Appliances

Hand operated kitchen appliances are made for today with yesterday's design.

Electricity has made life much simpler and easier for many of us, but what happens when it’s no longer an option.  Our forefathers didn’t have electric coffee makers or washers and dryers and they lived happily. Whether you don’t use electricity because you don’t want to or if you simply want to cut your electric bill, then try some of our non-electric appliances. Homesteaders looking to live off the grid will love having all the comforts without the hassle of connecting to the electric power grid.
We have a wide selection of non-electric appliances for everything from food preparation and canning to laundry cleaning. It’s all done without electricity and is a snap to clean up. You don’t need an electric can opener. George Washington didn’t have one. Another good reason to have non-electric appliances is redundancy. What happens if your electric can opener breaks or a storm knocks out the power? You’re stuck at home with plenty of food, but you can’t open the cans. We’ve heard horror stories of people stuck without power for days because of blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes and more. Don’t be dependent on the electric power grid to survive because it’s not 100 percent reliable.

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Victorio Food Strainer & Sauce Maker
$69.99  $49.99
Victorio Apple Peeler with suction base
$26.99  $19.99
Crystal Cascade Glass Washboard
Hand Mixer
Victorio Hand Crank Ice Crusher
Cherry Pitter
French Fry Cutter
2-in-1 Mortar and Pestle
Victorio Apple Peeler - Clamp Base
$22.99  $18.99
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