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One Year Food Packages

Complete one year food packages from the basics for one person to deluxe variety for four people.

Our one year food supply packages have the calories, proteins and other nutrients for one or more years. Included are grains, beans and other legumes, dairy products, meat substitute, freeze-dried meat, vegetables, fruits, baking ingredients, snack foods and desserts. Long term food storage can be time consuming and confusing. If you don't have the time to accumulate storable food and pack individual items for yourself, calculating the nutritional value and determining the quantities required to meet a years needs, then taking advantage of the work that's already been done is the right thing for you. The food is professionally packed for long term storage lasting 25-30 years when properly stored. You just need to keep on hand, and rotate, three or more gallons of cooking oil. And, of course, be sure you have an adequate clean water supply.

The most economical shipping method for large orders is common carrier (by truck).  Once your order is placed, if it fits the weight requirements, we will contact you with the best rates.

Large quantity discounts are available, call for details.

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Standard One Year Food Package
Basic One Year Food Package
The Food Storage Expansion Package
Essential Food Storage Package