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So much of our lives literally revolves around the kitchen. We eat all our meals together there, sharing the day's challenges and successes. It served as the school room and the family room for playing games. Plans for the day and the future are discussed and solidified over food and drink. The bills get paid, records are kept and taxes figured there. Seeds are spread on the table while planning the garden and jars are sorted and filled there at harvest time. Quilts and clothes get cut and sewn on that table. Neighbors and friends are always welcome to share a cup of coffee and baked goods of the day. Wonderful memories reside in the kitchen while delightful new, little people come to add their chapters.

Shouldn’t the Spring Equinox be New Year’s Day?

Posted by Pam Molloy on 3/25/2017 to General Homesteading
Shouldn’t the Spring Equinox be New Year’s Day?
Our first kids were born Monday to a first time mom. I had to spend a bit of time with them before she accepted her new role. Once everyone was separated, isolated, cleaned up, fed, watered and the newborns were eating I wandered back to the house the long way.
Spring is when life begins again. The snow melts, the creeks and rivers rise, aquifers and reservoirs refill.  Bulbs pop through recently frozen ground,  trees and shrubs put out new buds and begin pollination (reproduction), bugs come to life, birds move North and build new nests, bunnies are born, bears come out of hibernation, hens start setting, chicks start hatching, it’s calving, lambing, kidding season. The life cycle begins anew!

So I ask again, shouldn’t the Spring Equinox be New Year’s Day?

Then we have Spring Fever where many people experience and/or observe various mood, physical, or behavioral changes. We may seem to have more energy and inadvertently lose weight. We may experience some inherent desire to start fresh thus inspiring us to do some Spring Cleaning. We throw open the windows to exchange musty air for fresh, clean, new air. We go on Spring Break or plant Spring Flowers.  And if we don’t have our own flowers in the garden, we use silk or bring some home from the florist to brighten up the house. The young man’s thoughts turn to romance and the old man turns to the seed catalog. Some of us just can’t wait to get our hands in the dirt and get the rototiller stuck in the mud to kick off Spring. All of these activities beat suffering a hangover while watching football.

Shouldn’t the Spring Equinox be New Year’s Day?

The Equinox (Spring and Autumn) occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator, when the days and nights are of equal duration. This is a law of nature, or God if you prefer, that has been used for thousands of years to mark time ie, Stonehenge. Here’s an interesting site, if you’re interested .   In the Bible, Exodus and Deuteronomy refer to the month of Abib as the first month of the year. And Ester 3:7 “In the first month, which is the month Nisan …”.  According to Webster’s, the definition of Abib is: “the first month of the ancient Hebrew calendar corresponding to Nisan”. Lo and behold, the first day of Abib or Nisan is the Spring Equinox.

OK, nature shows us new life, a new beginning if you will. History/archeology shows us solar date keeping. The Bible as well as the Hebrew calendar acknowledges Abib as the 1st month of the year. Why is our calendar based on lunar activity, especially Easter?

And why isn’t the Spring Equinox, New Year’s Day?