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The Homestead Kitchen

The right kitchen appliances are essential to your food preparation and preservation.

To be truly prepared for the coming harvest and storing the food you have worked so hard to grow requires the proper canners. The most important piece of equipment for home food preservation is the Pressure Canner! To make the process of preparing the food efficient and more enjoyable, time saving tools are a blessing. Whether it's manual or electric, the right tool for the job saves a tremendous amount of time and makes big jobs manageable.

Quality hand powered tools not only save time in food preparation, they are not dependent on electricity.

We have hand powered appliances for grinding grain, stringing beans, peeling apples, pitting cherries, making sauces and much more. These wonderful non-electric 'machines' are so safe, easy and even fun to operate, you can engage the assistance of children.

If you are tackling a large crop or attempting 'mass production', the use of electrical appliances can make a big difference.

Our  dehydrators come with the option of additional trays.  Blenders can puree fruits and vegetables for leathers (roll ups) in a matter of minutes. Electric food slicers, and meat grinders can have food ready for the jar, freezer or dehydrator in a fraction of the time it can be done with a knife.

Every high production Harvest Kitchen is equipped with multiple stainless steel bowls.

Stainless steel bowls are the most sanitary and durable. Because stainless steel does not absorb odors or flavors, it can be used to marinate jerky one day and mix jelly the next.

Don't wait until the garden is in the kitchen, prepare for a big harvest NOW.
  • Non-electric Kitchen Appliances Non-electric Kitchen Appliances
    Doing without electricity and getting large quantities of foods prepared quickly for cooking, canning, freezing or dehydrating is possible with a wide variety of hand powered kitchen tools.
  • Home Canning Equipment & Supplies Home Canning Equipment & Supplies
    To quickly prepare fruits, vegetables and meat for the preservation process, specialty tools such as cherry pitters, bean stringers, pea shellers, apple peelers, and sauce makers are found in the homestead kitchen.
  • Dehydrators Dehydrators
    Make your own jerky, fruit roll ups and yogurt right at home. Dried foods require less storage space.Dehydration is an easy way to preserve your fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and meat. Most of our dehydrators can be expanded to fit your needs by adding trays.
  • Pressure Canners Pressure Canners
    Foods with low acidity must be canned at a temperature above boiling which requires a pressure canner. Foods that must be pressure canned include most vegetables, meat, and poultry.
  • Canners Canners
    Various methods of canning high acid foods such as fruit and tomatoes are available with steam canners, open kettles and water bath canners.
  • Juicers Juicers
    Juicers can be used to make juice for fresh use or for jams and jellies that will go into your food storage. Extracting the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables for your own juice drinks provides the maximum health benefits for your family.
  • Grain Mills Grain Mills
    Grain mills provide easy grain processing for healthier, more economical living. Grains in their whole form maintain their nutritional value far longer than in their processed form. For this reason, a grain mill is a necessity for a well stocked pantry.
  • Popcorn Poppers Popcorn Poppers
    Stove top popcorn poppers work on any heat source and are as much fun to use as the popcorn is to eat.
  • Pots, Pans and Pails Pots, Pans and Pails
    Stock pots, cooking pots and pans, stainless steel pails for milking or processing fermented vegetables. Every homesteading kitchen needs them and we have them.