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Trauma Kits

Emergency Trauma Supplies

Our emergency trauma kits are ideal for EMS professionals and designed for major incidents.

They come with a wide assortment basic first aid supplies such as ice packs, gauze, bandages, ointments, face masks and other emergency tools.
Mayflower Trading’s emergency trauma kits are perfect for physical trauma, blunt force trauma and penetrating trauma.  They meet or exceed OSHA standards and can mean the difference between life and death.

Emergency First Aid and Trauma Kits

Anyone who knows the agony of helplessly waiting for emergency personnel understands the importance of having access to quality trauma kits. Proper medical care from the minute the injury occurs is imperative for a positive outcome. 
People who are injured should not move around or become overexcited as this can make matters worse. Providing immediate medical attention can help keep them calm and prevent them from further injuring themselves. Conditions that need immediate medical attention include:
•    Cessation of breathing
•    Severe bleeding
•    Poisoning
•    Stroke
•    Heart attack
Having a fully equipped first aid and trauma kit can stabilize a variety of medicial issues including open wounds, fractures and dislocations, shock, frostbite, insect bites and stings, burns and more. You’ll be able to handle most emergency medical problems until the proper personnel arrive. They’re perfect for home use, cars and camping.

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First Aid Trauma
Mayday 1000 Person Trauma Kit
$2,199.99  $1,794.99
Mayday 500 Person Trauma Kit
$1,299.99  $949.99
 Mayday 100 Person Trauma Kit
$419.99  $349.99
Mayday 50 Person Trauma Kit
$289.99  $198.99
S.T.A.R.T. II Trauma Kit
S.T.A.R.T. I Deluxe Medical Sleeve
$79.99  $59.99