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Trauma Kits

Our emergency trauma kits have critical supplies that are imperative in performing first response aid.

For the most part, only emergency facilities and ambulances are equipped with such emergency first aid supplies. More and more neighborhood emergency preparedness teams are acquiring emergency kits designed to address such situations. Our trauma kits come in easy access ""first responder"" soft bags with compartments. Emergency trauma kits include a wide variety of basic first aid supplies including ice packs, gauze, bandages, ointments, face masks and other first response products. Such a kit could change the outcome while waiting for professional medical attention.

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S.T.A.R.T. II Trauma Kit
$189.99  $139.99
Mayday 50 Person Trauma Kit
 Mayday 100 Person Trauma Kit
Mayday 500 Person Trauma Kit
Mayday 1000 Person Trauma Kit
First Aid Trauma
Compact Bleed Control Support Kit