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Water Filtration and Storage

Three days without water and you are dead - it's that simple.

Water is vital. Without it, you die and it’s not a very comfortable death. The same goes with drinking bad water. If you drink bad water, then you’re either going to die or wish you were dead. Water filtration systems make sure the water you drink is safe and won’t make you sick. There are many different types of bacteria, viruses, parasitic worms and more in the wild that can make your life miserable if you drink it because you didn’t have proper filtration. One of the most common illnesses with bad water is dysentery. It’s a living nightmare, and one you never want to have to deal with.

Water filtration systems for large scale home or outdoor use provide you with security should you find yourself without filtered water because of natural or man-made disaster. You and your family will be safe and sound. Storing water for drinking, cooking and hygiene requires a lot of space. When preparing for a short term emergency, stored water for drinking and cooking is a wise decision. When things aren’t short term or if you have had to move to an area without stored water, a filtration system can save your life.

Swimming pools and water beds serve well for hygiene (washing dishes, showering and flushing the toilet) but if the emergency is extended, then filtering water for consumption may be your only chance at survival.

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5 Gallon Water Jug
Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter
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Siphon Pump For Water Barrels
Seychelle Water Filter Bottle
Two 5 gallon water containers
Katadyn Hiker
Katadyn Siphon
Katadyn Vario
Black Berkey Purification Elements
30 Gallon Water Barrel Package
55 Gallon Water Barrel Package
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